The Mission



  • 85% do not know Jesus as Savior.






  • More than 25% live in poverty.



  • 90% of Pastors have no formal Bible training.

Jesus told His followers to “go into the all the world and preach the gospel…” God cares about the 561 million in Latin America that are lost.


Latin Equip is called to build a legacy of flourishing and thriving church communities in Latin America. We do this by equipping, training, and mentoring pastors and church leaders. The Heart of Latin Equip is to equip Pastors and Christian Leaders in Latin America to effectively reach their communities for Christ.

The local church with a strong Pastor is a pillar of Christ in a community. Through the local church we are called to minister to people that are crushed by poverty, and bring hope to those that are hopeless. LE gives HOPE and CARE to pastors and leaders.