LE Passport

What is the Passport Program?

The Passport program is Latin Equip’s core group of committed monthly donors.

Why should you join the Passport program?

1. It keeps us deployment ready. Monthly donors ensure that we are always “mission ready” and allows us to hold our effective training events without having to fundraise first.

2. It provides predictable revenue. Monthly giving helps Latin Equip avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring we can spend more time on our mission of building the Kingdom of God by reaching the lost in Latin America – and less time on fundraising.

3. Simply put, the Passport monthly giving program sustains our work. LE Passport members demonstrate an ongoing commitment to our mission.

Get a Passport, Give a Passport!

The LE monthly giving program is your passport to building the Kingdom of God in Latin America! When you partner with LE, you are training over 1500 pastors and leaders, feeding over 600 children, and bringing over 500 people to Christ annually.
Your monthly gift becomes a passport for:

  • pastors  to be encouraged and trained in reaching the lost and discipling their congregations
  • business leaders to learn how to unite their business to with the local church and partner in building the Kingdom of God
  • Children to receive food and ministry