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In our thirty-two years in Peru, we have seen believers in the nation grow from 3-5 percent, to over 20% of the population! Churches have grown exponentially, and the need for new leaders to be equipped for the work of the ministry is vast.

Equipping leaders is at the heart of what we do! Over the years, thousands of pastors, young leaders, and ministry staff have been trained, equipped, encouraged and challenged by the ministry of Latin Equip. We see the results in the growth of their churches.

Through our marketplace ministries conferences, thousands of business leaders have been equipped with Bible-based business best practices. Many of these business leaders have told us that after putting into practice what they had learned at our conferences, their businesses have grown 15, 20, even 30 percent!

Latin Equip has also partnered together with Strong Tower girls home in Arequipa Peru, to rescue girls from lives of abuse and despair. In addition to the 50 girls that reside there, Latin Equip is building a vocational training center that will provide career training for girls in the home and surrounding community.

Latin Equip is impacting the Spanish-speaking world in ways that go beyond what we had even dreamed when we first got started, and the best is yet to come!

Tribes Impacted in 2015

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Young leaders equipped at Young Leaders Conference

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Project Location: Arequipa, Peru

Amount Raised: $100,000 | Amount Outstanding: $125,000

In 2012, we led a group of business leaders to Arequipa for a conference. Several of the speakers brought their spouses along for the experience. Shelly took them to Torre Fuerte Girls’ Home for a visit. During this visit, Kayemille Goss was deeply impacted by what she saw there.

She came back to the States determined to do something for those girls. In addition to ongoing support for special projects, she and her husband Joey organized a fundraiser to construct a building, which will be a skills center, a place where the girls can learn a trade.

When they transition out of Torre Fuerte, they will have a skill that will help them make a life for themselves, and break the cycle of poverty they were born into. They raised over $100,000 in cash and pledges toward this building, nearly half of what the total project will cost. We are so thankful for this heart to bless these young lives.

Would you prayerfully consider helping complete this construction? Your gift in any amount, marked Torre Fuerte Girls’ Home, will be a great blessing to not only the Torre Fuerte girls, but also other girls in the surrounding community.

Project Location: Peru

Amount Outstanding: $5,000

The first week of July marks Latin Equip’s Young Leaders Seminar. This is the highlight of our year! We will take an invitation-only group of young pastors and leaders to a retreat center for 4 days of intensive ministry. I want these young leaders to be better prepared, better equipped, better attuned to the voice of God than I was at their age. The heart of Latin Equip is to equip leaders, and my heart personally is to equip young leaders for the task that lies before them – that of bringing in what will no doubt be the final harvest.

The cost each year for this event is $8,000; around $100 per leader. That’s not much to put quality ministry into their hands. These young pastors and staffers cannot afford such an expense on their own, and I don’t want finances to be the thing that prevents them from receiving outstanding ministry.

This is a really big deal. Please help us minister to the next generation of leader, help us give them what they need to be more successful. They are depending on you.

It is your partnership that allows us to do what we do.

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